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How do I know I need counselling/psychotherapy?


People decide to begin counselling for many reasons; relationship, personal, family or work issues, self-esteem, life direction etc.


Ideally we can resolve our problems by speaking with friends and family, however there may come a time when this doesn’t feel sufficient. At that point it may be appropriate to seek help from a trained professional in a neutral space, assured that everything will be treated in confidence.


What is the difference between counselling and psychotherapy?


The two terms may be used interchangeably, however counselling is generally seen as shorter term and connected with specific issues that have arisen causing the individual stress or difficulties in the present and which they may feel unable to resolve for themselves.


Psychotherapy on the other hand generally refers to longer term work where the individual looks in more depth at underlying patterns and emotional blocks that usually come from earlier in life. These coping strategies may have served them well in the past but are now limiting their perception and choices. Understanding and resolving these patterns can free up the individual to move ahead and live the life of their choosing.


How long can I expect to come for?


That depends on the individual and the issues in question. Normally the client would attend for six sessions and at that point review the work together with the therapist to decide on the ideal way forward.


Are the sessions confidential?


Confidentiality and trust are the absolute basis of counselling and psychotherapy. The only exceptions to this would be in the case of the client’s safety or that of another person being at risk. In accordance with ‘Duty of Care’ guidelines I would be ethically bound to contact your GP or the relevant authorities. In addition to this every counsellor is required to be in supervision with a senior therapist. Isobel is also a supervisor and offers this service to other therapists and counsellors.

How much does it cost?

The fee varies depending on the service required and can be discussed when you make contact.

What measures do you have in place for Covid-19

We run our practice in accordance with the latest guidelines from the HSE and IAHIP and have the necessary hygiene and distancing protocols in place. We also offer exclusively online sessions where this is preferred or required. These issues can be discussed further upon enquiry. 

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Cancellation policy:

Sessions cancelled within 24 hours will incur a cancellation fee.

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